Compose Email

One of the most powerful features of the software is the ability to send mass emails to parents, parent groups, teachers, staff and students. 

It is easy to send out your important emails to everyone in your directory or narrow down to a specific group. Below are some of the features we will go over:

Compose Email 

First, navigate to Communications > Emails.  Then click on the Compose New Email button. You will then be directed through five sections to complete and send your email! 

Basic Info

  1. Sender Profile: Select from the drop down the desired Sender Profile. The fields listed below will populate based on the Sender Profile you selected. 
    • From Email - This is the behind the scenes email address that is necessary to send emails from the software.  Generally your users won't see this email address.  It's established under School Settings > Set Up > Entity Email prefix.
    • Display Name - The name that will show in you recipients inbox.
    • Reply To - This should be an email address you have access to. When users reply to an email sent by you, this is the email address that the reply will go to.


Click on the Add new sender profile located directly under the Sender Profile to add a new sender. Fill out all of the mandatory fields to add this new sender.  This sender will now appear in the drop down. 

Compose a New Email

  1. Template - Click on the Select button that is just below this field to view the different templates available to you. This will include our default templates and any templates you have saved. Remember, these can always be edited. 
  2. Subject - Update your email with the Subject. Note: Avoid using special characters or lengthy subjects that may resemble spam.
  3. Merge Fields - These are dynamic fields that will populate specific information about your recipient.

    Merge Fields allows you send out a unique Auto Login Link to each of your users.  Select Auto Login Link from the drop down and this code will insert in your email. Leave the code as is and when you send your email out, this will generate a unique link. DO NOT edit this code or the link will not work.  

  5. Save as Template - Save your email as a template for future use. Check the Save as template box which is located directly under the Body of your email. The template name will be your email subject and can be edited in the Email Templates section.  

  6. Body - Fill in the details of your email here (including images, links and attachments)
Adding an Image
  • Click on the image icon located in the ribbon  
  • A pop-up page will appear allowing you to select where to grab an image.
  • Select your image to crop and adjust the image's width, height and size. 
Adding an Attachment
  • Click on the image icon located in the ribbon
  • Click on Choose a local file to grab the document you want to attach in your email 
  • Once you have selected your file, click on the Add button 
  • This attachment will appear in the body of your email
  • Highlight the text you want the link activated to. 
  • Click on the Link icon to add your link. 
  • Then click on the Target tab and select New Window from the drop down.  This will create a new tab to view this link for your recipients. 
  • Then click OK.
  • The link is now activated, and the highlighted text will be light blue and underlined.  (Remember to test this link by sending yourself a test email.) 


The system automatically defaults to all the parents in your school's data. To update or modify your recipient list, simply click on the EDIT RECIPIENTS blue button.

  1. Recipient Filters - Filter your recipients by using the filters shown below. 
  2. Advanced Filters - Expand the advanced filters to narrow your recipient group.  

  3. Recipient List - Click the Preview Recipients button to review your list based on the filters you selected. You can edit your filters at anytime. 

Review & Test

  1. Based on the filters you selected, the summary of your recipients will be displayed here. You can always go back to the Recipients section to adjust if needed.
  2. We recommend always sending a test email out to yourself, or even another administrator.  

Save & Confirm

  1. Now you can view your email one last time to make sure it is ready to send out. You can easily go back to any of the previous steps to make any necessary changes.
  2. Click the Send Now button to send you email or click on Save Draft to save for later.  

Email Stats

  1. On the main page of Compose Email, each of your past or draft emails will appear on this page.  
  2. Email Stats are available for the emails you have sent out.  
  3. Click on Email Stats (the number in () is the number of addresses that your email was sent to). 
  4. This page will show you the the Emails Analytics, Open Rate, Delivery Rate and the list of the recipients (the event column will show you if that specific recipient opened your email). 

Let's move on  Undeliverable Mail Recipients

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