Undeliverable Mail Recipients

View Undeliverable Mail Recipients

This section will show you the list of bad emails in the system, and provide the reason why the email is bad. 

Here are a couple of different events you may see in this list:

  • Deferred - Recipient's email serve temporarily rejected message. 
  • Dropped - Message has been sent to an email address that is already listed on one of the suppression lists: Bounce, Unsubscribe, Spam Report or Invalid Email.
  • Bounce - Receiving server could not or would not accept message. 
  • Spam Report - Recipient marked message as spam.

  1. On the main email page, click on View Undeliverable Email Recipients to see the list of bad emails.
  2. This page will provide you with the User details and the reason why your email was not received by the recipient. The example below shows this email was dropped.  
  3. Click on the Change Email button to update the bad email with a good email.  A pop-up window will appear.  Update the primary email address field to correct the bad email address.
  4. Click on the Override button if you are sure the email address is correct, and you need to let our email servers know it is ok to send to this address. This is generally used for an email that was not delivered due to the recipient marking it as SPAM in error.  Do not override an email until you have confirmed with the recipient that they won't mark the email as SPAM again, as that can cause your group to be considered a SPAMMER and this will hurt your email delivery rate.
  5. Once you have updated/corrected the bad emails, click on Compose New Email to Recently Fixed Recipients to resend an email to these recipients. 

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