My Email Templates

This page is where you can view, add, edit or delete templates for your emails. Any emails you checked off as a template will be listed here. 

Add New

  1. Click on the add new button to start your new template.
  2. Fill out all of the fields to complete your template.
    1. Template Name - choose a simple name summarizing your template.
    2. Template Description - provide further details of your template (this is not a mandatory template but may help other admins decide if this is the template they should use).
    3. Template Subject - update this field with a Subject that will populate when you compose an email (this can always be changed when you send your email out).
    4. Merge Fields - select from the drop down the dynamic fields you wish to insert in your email template. 
    5. Template Body - update with the details of your email.
    6. Active - select Yes if you want this to be an active template that will be listed in the Template drop down when you compose a new email. Select No if you do want this template in that drop down. 
    7. Save - remember to save! 

Update Templates 

  1. Simply click the box next to the template you wish to update.
  2. Then select Update Selected.
  3. A pop up page will appear so you can update the necessary fields of your template. 

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