Household Overview

The Households section serves several important purposes. Probably the most important purpose is to update households in bulk. 

You have the ability to do the following:

  • Update City, State and Zip in bulk 
  • View and Update Verification Status in bulk
  • View and Update Opt Out preference in bulk 
  • Update ALL households directory access in bulk 
  • Manually Add Purchase in bulk

Updating Households Data in Bulk

City/State/Zip, Verification Status, Opt Out preference, Directory Access and Purchase Products.
  • You will notice an Updated Selected box at the top of this page. Start selecting the households you wish to update. 
  • Now click the Updated Selected button to update in bulk. 
  • The pop up page allows you to update City, State, Zip, Verification Status, Opted Out, Access to Directory Until. 
  • Check the box next to the field and update the field with the desired data.
  • Then click on the blue button Update X Records.


Generally pages only show 20 records at a time. You can change that on the far right of the screen to a maximum of 100 records per page. If you are updating everyone in the database, or the search results of the people you are updating is spread over multiple pages, we recommend using the  Super Mass Update button because the Select ALL only selects people on the page you are viewing. This button will update all of your records on every page so you do not need repeat steps 4-7. This will let you know the number of records you are updating, and give you a warning to ensure you want to update all households that were in your search. Select YES, TURN THIS ON if you wish to continue. 

Check out the How do I update users directory access? article that provides additional details on common scenarios, such as updating just members directory access, or access for all existing users

How do I update Membership in Bulk? article will walk you through updating membership status for the households

Search Panel

The Search Panel to your left will help you narrow down your households to find the group of families you need to update.  

Common Filters
  1. Verified - Search to see which households have verified or who are unverified by using the Verification Status filter. 
  2. Opt Out - Check to see which households has opted out of showing their data in the directory by selecting Opted Out filter.
  3. Member - Use the Is Member search filter to see which households are marked as a member vs non-member. 
If you want to extend access to households that do not have access to the app, use the Access to Directory Until filter.  
  1. Click on the filter option button located in the upper right corner of your search panel. 
  2. Select Show Options
  3. This will update your filter options to do an advanced search  
  4. Go to the Access to Directory Until filter. 
  5. From the advanced search field, select Less Than from the drop down.
  6. Now, select today's date in the From field
  7. This filter will now find all of the households whose expiration date is less than today's date 
  8. Click Search
  9. You want to select all of these households to update their access date in bulk. 
  10. Now select Update Selected
  11. Check the Access to Directory Until box and update with the desired date 
  12. Click on the blue Update X Records button.  If you have more than 1 page of records that need updating, you should use the Super Mass Update as outlined above.

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