Email Overview

You can send newsletters, notifications to verify information, event reminders, and so much more! Below is an overview of this section. Check out the related articles at the bottom of this page to learn how to use each section in detail. 

When you compose an email, you will notice that the email section is broken down into 5 sections. These are:

Basic Info

  1. Sender Profile - Select from the DROP DOWN the desired Sender Profile.  The From Email, Display Name and Reply To fields will populate based on the Sender Profile you selected.   You can always create additional sender profiles.
    1. From Email - This is the behind the scenes email address that is necessary to send emails from the software.  Generally your users won't see this email address.  It's established under School Settings > Set Up > Entity Email prefix.
    2. Display Name - The "From" name that will show in you recipients inbox.
    3. Reply To - This should be an email address you have access to. When users reply to an email sent by you, this is the email address that reply will go to.


  1. Email Template - Select from the drop one of the templates to help you compose your email (this is not a mandatory field).  You will see templates created by AtoZ as well as templates created by your group.
  2. Subject - Select an appropriate Subject that your recipients will see in their inbox.
  3. Merge Fields - Dynamic fields that will populate specific information for each recipient.
  4. Body - Compose the body of your email here including images and attachments! 
  5. Save as Template - Check this box if you want to use this email as a template.


  1. Recipient Filters - Filter your recipients by using these filters. NOTE: These filters use the AND syntax.
  2. Advanced Filters - Expand to define your list using additional filters like Teacher or grade.
  3. Recipient List - This is the list of users who will receive an email based on the filters you have selected. 

Review & Test

  1. Review - This section will provide a summary of the recipients.
  2. Test - send a test email to yourself (or a few others) to ensure the Merge Fields, links, images and attachments are working properly. 

Save & Confirm

  1. Review your email one last time.
  2. Send now, or save as a draft to send at another time. 
  3. This draft will appear on the main Email page.

Check out the  Compose Email article to get started

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