Roles Overview

The Roles page allows you to create custom roles for the different types of users in your database by connecting them to groups and organizations. 


  • Room Parents - Create a Room Parent role then assign users to the teachers in your database. You can also grant them email access so they can send emails to the parents of students assigned to this teacher.
  • PTA/PTO Members - Create/Edit the Organization named PTA/PTO Officers then create Roles and assign them to this organization. 
  • 3rd Grade Volunteer coordinator - Create this role and connect it to Grades.

Adding a Role

By default, we have provided you some roles and organizations but here is how you can add more.
  1. Navigate to School Settings > Roles. 
  2. Click on the Add New Button.
  3. Fill out the information for your new Role.
    1. Role Name - Customize the name of your role (example: Room Parent, Class Volunteer, PTA Treasurer, etc).
    2. Connected to - Select from the drop down what group this Role should be connected to. (If you select Organization, you will need to select the specific Organization to connect the Role to).
    3. Role Description - Provide a brief description of your Role if it is needed.
    4. Can Email - Check this box if you want this Role to have the ability to email users.
    5. Active - By default this Role is active. Select from the drop if you want to deactive the Role
    6. Click Save to save your selection and exit the pop-up.

Assigning Users to a Role

  1. The main Role page will provide a list of all of the roles you created. 
  2. If you want to assign Users to a particular Role, click on the Role Users link. 
  3. This page will allow you assign as many users to this Role as you need.
  4. Click on the Add New button from this page to assign a user. 
    1. Select From - Select from the drop down what type of user you are assigning to this role.
    2. This Person - Depending on your Select From selection, this drop down will list all of the users from that user type.
    3. Connect To - This shows you what this Role is connected to. Edit at the Role level if it should be different. 
    4. Role As - This shows you the Role name. Edit at the Role level if it should be different. 
    5. For - Depending on what the Role is connected to, the For field will provide you the list.  FOR EXAMPLE: If you select Connected to Teachers, the For field will show all the teachers in the database. 
    6. Notes - Add any additional notes needed. 
    7. Click Save to save the selections and exit the pop-up.
  1. You can also assign Roles on the User level.  
  2. Navigate to the users page located in the People section (Students, Parents, Teachers/Staff) and use the Search Panel to find the person you wish to assign this Role too. 
  3. Click the Edit button of that user.
  4. Scroll down in the Edit page where it shows the Roles section.
  5. This section will show you all of the Roles the user is assign to and will also allow you to add at this page. 
  6. Click the Assign this person a role link to get started. 
  7. This pop-up is similar to the Role page to assign a user. Complete the fields to successfully add this Role to the user. 
    1. User Type - Described the type of user.
    2. This User - The Users name.
    3. Connected to - Select from the drop down what category the Role is connected to.
    4. Specifically - This is similar to the For field, so if this Role is connected to a Teacher, all of the teachers in the database will populate in the drop down. 
    5. Role as - This field will list all of the Roles you created in the category selected. 
    6. Click Save to save this selection and exit the pop-up page.
  8. Go back to this section to add as many Roles as this user needs.

Check out how to  Create an Organization article.

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