App Admin Overview

The App Admins section is where you can control your app admins. You can find the App Admin page by going to People > App Admins.

Here is what you can do in this section:

  • Add, Edit or Delete an App Admin.
  • Assign Security Group (admin level).
    • Sr Admin - Full admin access.
    • Jr Admin - Limited access, cannot delete major data.
    • Event Chair - Only has the ability to create events and email users.

Add, Edit or Delete an Admin

  1. On the main page of the App Admin section, click on Add New to create a new admin. A pop will appear for you to complete the fields with your new admins data.
  2. The first field, Link Security Group ID, requires you to select from the drop down if the admin level. 
    • Sr. Admin - Full access as an administrator to make all and any necessary changes. 
    • Jr. Admin - Similar to Sr. access but cannot edit the schools settings and delete major data. 
    • Event chair - Has access to create & modify all events and email everyone in the database. 
  3. Show as Point of Contact should be checked off if this admin is a Point of Contact (Their information will display on different areas of the app so parents can easily contact them with questions or concerns). You can have as many Point of Contacts as you would like. You MUST have at least one Point of Contact for your school. Points of contact will also get emails when new users request to join your school. 
  4. Login Name and Login Password will auto-generate if you leave blank, however you can create a unique username and password for the new admin.
  1. Use the Search Panel (if needed) to find the admin you wish to edit.
  2. Click the Edit button. 
  1. Easily delete an admin by checking the box next to the edit button.  
  2. Now click on Delete to successfully delete this admin. 

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