Events Overview

Managing your Events is now easier than ever to create and track. The Event Overview section will go over the following functions:

Creating a New Event

  1. Click on Add New Event to create a new event. A pop up will appear allowing you to customize your event. Go through each tab to complete this event. 
  2. Event Info Tab:
    1. Event Name - Type in your event name (example: Bake Sale, Car Wash, End of School Dance, etc.)
    2. Event Description - Optional: Provide additional details of this event if needed (this will be visible to anyone viewing the event)
    3. Start/End Date - Type in the start and end date of the event or click on the calendar icon
    4. Start/End Time - Type in the start and end time of the event or click on the clock icon.  
    5. Event Type 
      • One Time - Select this option if this event is only occurring one time
      • Recurring - Select this option if the event is a recurring event (example: weekly PTA meetings, monthly bake sale, etc). Additional fields will populate so you can customize the recurring event.
        Recurring Type - Select from the drop down if this event is daily, weekly, monthly, yearly
        Recurring Ends - Provide an end date for this event 
        Recurring Every - Depending on the Recurring Type you selected, the drop down option will update so you can determine how frequently this event should occur. 
  3. Event Settings Tab:
    1. Location - Add location details of this event
    2. Collect RSVP - Have the ability to track how many people will attend this event
    3. Timezone - Select the timezone of this event
    4. Private Notes - Additional notes only the event organizer can view
    5. Publish - Use this to make the event public to users 
  4. Event Extra Tab:
    1. Jobs Require Approved Volunteer - Check this box if your organization requires approval (background check, certification, etc) for a volunteer to sign-up
    2. Auto Approve Volunteer Hours - Check this box if all volunteer sign-ups can be approved without the event organizer review
    3. Event Contacts - Type in a contact name and they will appear in the drop down. The event person(s) will be listed as the main contact for the event on the event details page.
  5. Click Save & Add New Job if this event is asking for volunteers (if no volunteers, click Save)
  6. The main page will now display the details on the event you just created.  You can always click on the Edit Event to update your event. 

Adding slots/jobs to your event

  1. Click on Add New under the Slots/ Jobs tab to create jobs for your event.  
  2. Slot/ Job Detail tab
    1. Slot / Job Type
      • Multiple Time Slots - This will create multiple single time slots (additional fields will populate so you can specify how long each time slot should be within the range of the event)
      • Single Time Slots - Creates a single time slot for this job
    2. Slot / Job Title - Create the appropriate title for this job
    3. Slot/ Job Description - Add additional details of this job in this field
    4. People Needed - Select how many volunteers are needed to complete this job
    5. Slot / Job Date - Update the appropriate day for this job
    6. Time Specific - Enter the time this job should be completed 
    7. Start/End Time - If time specific is checked, these fields should be filled out so the volunteer can know when they are needed
    8. Hours Earned - Based on the start and end time, this field will populate how many volunteer hours are earned (you can override these number if necessary) 
  3. Slot/Job Sign ups tab
    1. Click on Add New to add a volunteer to a job
      • Type - Select what kind of user is being signed up for this job.  The Person drop down will then populate the users based on the Type selected. 
      • Person - Start typing the name of the user that you are manually assigning to this job. You can also go through the drop down to see the list of users. 
      • Notes - Add additional notes for this volunteer
      • Hours Earned - Type in how many hours a volunteer can earn for doing this job
      • Visibility - Select from the drop down to hide or make this volunteer assignment visible to other users 
  4. Click Save & Add Another Job if there are multiple jobs for this event or Click on Save & Close if all jobs have been created


    Clicking on Cancel will delete the entire job.

  5. The main Events page will list the jobs created and provide an update on how many people signed up for each job
    1. Click on the Edit icon if you need to edit the details of this job 
    2. Click on the Copy icon to duplicate this job  
  6. 6. The  Status column will update based on users signing up for the jobs or if you manually assign a job to a user (see below)

Assigning Users/People to a Job

  1. Admins can manually assign users to each event job. 
  2. At the People tab, click on the Add New button to assign a job. 
  3. Type - Select from the drop down the type of user you are assigning to this job
  4. Person - This drop down will populate the list of users based on the Type you selected.  You can also start typing the users name if you know who you are assigning to this job.
  5. Response - This field will appear if you are tracking RSVPs (set up when event was created). Select from the drop down if this user is attending the event
  6. Assigned Slots/Jobs - Click on Arrow icon to expand this section to assign a job to this user
    1. Event Job - The jobs that were created for this event will appear in the drop down. 
    2. Notes - Add additional notes for this user to view (example: additional instructions for this job)
    3. Hours Earned - Based on the hours earned for this job when it was created, this field will populate the amount of volunteer hours earned.  You can manually override this number.
    4. Visibility - Select from the drop down if you want to hide and make the assigned job visible to other users viewing this event
  7. Click Add New if you want to assign multiple jobs to this user for the event 
  8. Click Save when you are done assigning jobs to this user 

Sending an Email about an Event

After you have completed the event details and jobs, you can send this event out to your users. This email will also include the unique link for the users to quickly view. 

  1. On the main page of the event, click on the Compose Email button to start your email. 
  2. A pop up will appear asking if you want to select your own recipients or just to a specific group.  Choose the appropriate option for your email then click on Compose New Email
  3. You will now go through the steps of created your email and selecting your recipients (see Email article for more information) Remember: the body of your email will have the link for your recipients to view this event. 
  4. Once the email has been sent, the system will send you back to the main page of your Event. 
  5. Click on the Emails tab to view the email details.
  6. The recipients will also be listed under the People tab.

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