Products Overview

The Products section allows you to add, edit or delete products. These products can be purchased by the users during the Verification Wizard, or logging into the app, and navigating to the Store section. Admins can also "purchase" products on behalf of users that pay for items using checks or cash. This can be done from the purchases tab when editing a family. Admins can also use products to mass update membership status/directory access under the Households section using Update selected.

Update Settings to Allow Product Purchasing by Users

  1. You must activate the purchase feature in the set up section so users can purchase items.
  2. Navigate to School Settings > Setup.
  3. Go to the Shopping Cart Settings tab.    
    1. Check the Online Shopping Enabled box to active the shopping cart for your products.
    2. Check the Payment PayPal Active or the Payment Amazon Active box depending on which account you are using (Amazon is not live yet).
    3. Update the Payment PayPal Merchant or Payment Amazon Merchant with the email address associated with your Paypal or Amazon account.
  4. Go to the Wizard Settings tab to activate the Products tab for the Verification Wizard.
    1. Check the Products and Cart tab if you want users to have the opportunity to purchase these products during the Verification Wizard.
  5. Click  Save when you are done in the Settings section.

Creating a Product

  1. Go to Store > Products.
  2. Click on Add New Product. 
  3. Fill out the tabs to complete the details of your product. 
    1. Main
      • Product Name - Select a name for your Product. This is a mandatory field.
      • Price - Type in the price for your Product.
      • Free Form Pricing - Select from the drop down if you want this product to be free form (which means the user select the amount they wish to pay which is often used for donation products). 
      • Product Active - Select YES to make this product active, select NO if you are no longer selling this product.
      • Product Type - Select from the drop down the type of Product that would apply (See below for important information on Membership products).
    2. NOTE

      With membership products you are able to accomplish the following:

      1. Define the length of the membership which will make the renewal process easier.
      2. Tie directory access to membership so that people purchasing membership automatically will have their directory access updated.
      3. Assign the membership to a person(s) with the household.
    3. Description 
      • Description Short - Provide a brief explanation of your product (this is not a mandatory field).
      • Description Long - Provide an explanation in detail of your product (this is not a mandatory field).
      • Product Code - Assign a code for stick-keeping purposes and internal operations.
      • Categories - Select a category this product should be placed under (you can create additional categories by going to the Categories page). If you want all products to show together then make sure to put them all in the same category.
      • Product Image - Select an image from your device if you would like an image attached to your product (file formats should only be JPEG, PNG or GIF). We recommend 100-300 DPI and a size of 150px x 250px.  Other sizes will definitely fit but if you are having issues with your images loading it could be the file is too big/high resolution.

    4. Attributes
      • Add to Wizard - Check to make this product available in the Verification Wizard.
      • Product Visibility - Select the desired visibility option.
        • Visible to Admins - If you wish to use the product but only want to make it visible on the admin level.
        • Visible to Public - Allow anyone to purchase this product, users and non-users.
        • Visible to Users - Displayed only to logged in users. 
      • Assignable - If this product should be assigned to a person. This is used for a product like school supplies that is assignable to a student or membership that can be assignable to a parent(s).
      • Max Qty Per Checkout - Allow a max quantity amount the user can add to their cart.
      • Sort Order - determines the display order of this product on the products page.
    5. Custom 1 & 2 - useful to add specifics to products like color or size.
      • Option Active 1 & 2 - Check the box to activate the Custom fields. 
      • Option Name 1 & 2 - Add a name for this custom field.
      • Option Values 1 & 2 - Add Values to this field, separated by pressing the return button from your keyboard (to add an additional value on a new line).
      • Option Required 1 & 2  - Select Yes or No if this is a required field the user must complete.
    6. Custom 3
      • Buyer Note Allowed - Check this box to activate the Buyer Note.
      • Buyer Note Instructions - Provide instructions for the user.
    7. Inventory - Check the Inventory Control box to control your inventory.
      • Inventory Starting - Update with the amount of available inventory for this product. 
      • Inventory Sold - This will update when this product has been purchased.
      • Inventory Available - This total will provide the amount of inventory left. 
  4. This product will now be displayed on the main page of the Product section.  

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