Quick Tips for the Search Panel

Expand/Collapse Search Panel 

  1. You can expand the Search Panel by clicking the Settings icon located on the top right corner of your page. Click on Show Search Panel from the drop down.  
  2. Collapse the Search Panel by clicking the settings button located in the search panel. Click on Hide

Adding fields to search

  1. If you click on the Search in box, you can pick additional fields to use for searching/filtering to find a specific group of households/users. (The list will differ depending on the page you are on)  

Advanced Search

  1. To advance your search, click on the menu button and select Show Options.
  2. This will add a field above each filter to advance your search (similar to an excel document).

Access to Directory Until: If you don't know a certain date, use the advanced filters. 

Don't see the Search Panel? 

No worries, the search panel is available on most pages of the software and is probably hidden. 

  • You can unhide the search panel by clicking on the tool icon located in the upper right hand corner of page.  
  • Select Show search panel from the drop down, and the search engine will appear on the left side of your page. 

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