Sender Profiles Overview

A Sender Profile is the email senders information.  At least one Sender Profile is required to send an email out through the software.

In the  Compose Email article, we showed you the list of your Sender Profiles, and how to add them from that page. This section allows you to do the following:

  • View all of your Sender Profiles.
  • Add, Edit or Delete Sender Profiles.

Add A Sender Profile

  1. Navigate to Communications > Email Sender Profiles. 
  2. Simply click on the Add New button to add a new Sender Profile
  3. Now a pop up will appear.  Fill out the appropriate fields to successfully add the new Sender Profile.
    1. Display Name - This is the name your recipients will see who the email is coming from.  
    2. Sends Via - This is the email address your recipients will see to notify who the email is coming from (you can change this under School Settings).
    3. Reply to Email - When a recipients replies to the email you sent, it will be redirected to this email address. 
    4. Description - If you have special instructions or details, you can add them here.
    5. Default Email - Select Yes if this is the default email address. This Sender Profile will be automatically selected when you compose a new email. 

Edit or Delete Sender Profile

  1. You can easily EDIT a Sender Profile by selecting the Edit (blue pencil icon) button next to the Sender Profile. 
  2. DELETE a Sender Profile by selected the box next to the edit button then click on DELETE.  

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