User Join Requests

A new user can complete the Sign Up Now (located at the bottom of the main login page - see below) to create an account. The system will first attempt to find their data if they are in the database by asking the New User to select the Zip Code and School/Organization they wish to log in to. The New User will need to provide an email address and/or phone. If the system cannot locate their information, then the New User will complete the form for the New User Join Request. The New User will receive an automated email confirming the join request was submitted, and will provide the point of contact for your directory. All of your Admins that are marked as Points of Contact will also get an email notifying them about the new user request.

View all Pending, Approved or Declined Join Requests

  1. Join Requests is located at People > Join Requests
  2. The main page will show any pending requests
  3. To approve join requests, check the box next to the request and click on Update Selected.
  4. If approved or denied, this request will move to the appropriate page for history purposes. 
  5. The Approved request will be added to the database, and the New User will receive an automated email similar to the email below. This email will verify their request was confirmed and a unique link will be provided (this so they can log in and create a secure password). 
  6. Click on the View Approved page or the View Declined page to see all completed Join Requests.

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