Volunteer Approvals Overview

The Volunteer Approvals page lists all of the users in your database. Depending on how you set up your organization's volunteer requirement's, this will show if your users are approved for volunteering.

Why would an organization disable the ability for users to volunteer?

Some organizations/schools require a background check, volunteer certification or authorization to sign up for any community or school activity. Check with your organization's main contact for the policy and procedures for volunteer sign-up. 

Updating Default settings for Volunteer Approvals

  1. Go to School Settings > Setup
  2. Click on the Default Values tab to update this setting. 
  3. Select the desired requirement from the drop down by selecting Yes or No
    1. YES - This status indicates users must complete the requirements to be granted the ability to volunteer. 
    2. NO - This status indicates your school does not have any requirements for users to volunteer.
  4. Click Save when you are done with the changes.  
  5. Any new users added to the software will be given the status that was chosen in this section. 

How to disable/enable a user or group of users to sign up for events

  1. Expand your advanced search options by clicking on the settings icon located in the upper right hand corner of your page. Click on Show Search Panel.
  2. Use the available filters to find the person or group of people you want to update their approved volunteer status.
  3. The example below is updating all of the parents who has students in the 6th grade. 
    1. User Type is Parents, select 6th Grade from the With students in grades drop down.  
    2. Then click Search
    3. This particular search result has 73 6th graders in the software. To select all of the users from this result, you must have everyone on one page. Click on the drop down in the upper right hand corner that controls the Displaying amount. Select the appropriate amount so all users are on one page.
    4. Now select all by clicking on the box at the top of your list. 
    5. Then click on the Update Selected button to change the Volunteer approval status.
    6. A pop up will appear for you to change the Volunteer Approval to the desired status. Then click on Update X Records.
    7. The page will refresh to show this update for the selected users.

    Check out your organizations  Settings to customize this feature.

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