How do I add new parents/students to the software?

Adding a New Family

  1. Navigate to the People > Families page and click on the Add New Family button to create a new family 
  2. A new Family ID will be generated. 
  3. The system will walk you through various pages and tabs to add the households, parents and students 
  4. Complete all of the necessary fields to complete this family profile 

Adding a Parent or Student to an Existing Family

Adding a Parent or Student from the Family Page 
  1. Navigate to People > Families
  2. Use the search filter at the top of the page to find an existing family
  3. Once you have found the family the new parent should be linked to, click the Edit button 
  4. Click on Parents tab then click on Add New Parent (Click on the Students tab is you are adding a student)
  5. The first required tab will ask you to assign this new parent/student to a household.  Select the household from the drop down or check box. 
  6. NOTE:

    If a parent has a different household (example: divorced family), you must create the new household first by going to the Household tab. This new household will now populate in the drop down of the new parent you are adding. Students can be linked to multiple households - check all that apply.

  7. The bottom of the page is this User Application Access details.  The software will automatically create a login name/password for the new user but you can always override that information.
Adding a Parent from the Parent Page  (only applicable if family exists in the database already)
  1. Navigate to People > Parents
  2. Click on the Add New at the top of the page 
  3. A pop up page will appear for you to complete the parent information 
  4. The first field is requiring you to link this parent to a Family. You can start typing the family last name or scroll through the drop down to find your family. 
  5. Once you have selected this family, that family's households will populate in the Household field.  Select the household this parent is linked to. 
  6. Complete the remaining fields to successfully add this parent 
Adding a Student from the Student Page (only applicable if family exists in the database already)
  1. Navigate to People > Students
  2. Click on the Add New at the top of the page
  3. Complete the steps that were listed under Add a a Parent from the Parent Page 
  4. Remember: Students can be linked to more than one household

If you want to add multiple parents/students you should consider importing. See Import Overview

If you want families to add themselves - they can use User Join Request.  See User Join Requests

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