How do I send emails to a specific group?

Filter Recipient List to send email to a specific group

The recipient filters allow you to narrow down your list and email a specific group. 

  1. By default, all Parents in the system are selected. You can check additional User Types to add more to this list depending on who you are trying to reach. Adding more filters will narrow your down your group and total recipients. 
For example: 
  • If I want to send this email to all of the parents, the User Type - Parents should be the only filter selected. The results give me 222 parents in the database. 
  • If I want to send this email to all of the parents who have verified their data, check off User Type - Parents and with information that has been - Verified. The results give me 44 parents because only 44 parents of the 222 in the system have verified their data.

Advanced Filters

  1. Click on the Advanced Filters button to expand the Advanced Filters options.
  2. Narrow down your list by selecting the filters that apply such as Grades or Teachers which will allow you to send to people with students in just those grades or with just those teachers.
  3. A ? Tool Tip will provide details on each field
  4. At the bottom of this list are filters for the Events you have created in the Events section.  Click on the Has Job In Event, or Yes Attending Event filter.  The drop down will list the Events you created.  Select the Events that apply.
  5. Once all of your filters have been applied, click on the Preview Recipients button to view your list.  
  6. You can always click Edit Your Recipients button to go back and edit your filters 
  7. If you are satisfied with your list, move on to the next step of composing your email.  Check out the Compose Email guide that goes through each step.


Check out the  Mailing Lists article that walks you through creating custom mailing lists.

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