How do I get families their login information?

You can send a user their login information a few different ways. Let's go over some of those ways. 

Sending Individual Login Credentials

Using the Password reminder page

  1. The easiest and fastest way to send a single user their login credentials is to submit a Password Reminder to their email address on file
  2. Go to and click on Forgot Password  
  3. Enter the users email address in the Email field and click on Send Password Reset Email button. This will send the user instructions on how to reset their password so they can log in. 

Compose an Email to one User 

  1. Navigate to the Communications > Emails
  2. Click the Compose New Email button to start your email
  3. Complete the Basic tab to select who the email is from
  4. The Compose tab is where you will provide the user their login credentials
    1. Click on Select under the Template field to choose the First Contact Email template. 
    2. This template will populate an intro email and merge fields for the user login. These merge fields will populate with the user's username, and a link to click on to reset their password.
    3. NOTE: You can edit this template as needed but do not edit the merge fields or the code will not work.

  5. Once the body of your email is complete, click the Next button to move on to the Recipients tab.
  6. By default, all parents are selected as Recipients
  7. You can narrow down to just one or two parents by using the Or Send to Specific User(s) by selecting below field.
  8. Start typing the user(s) name (you can add more than one).
  9. A pop-up will appear alerting you that all other fields will be cleared by using this filter. 
  10. Click Yes, Clear all other filter selections
  11. If you click on the Preview Recipients button at the bottom of this page, it will show you just the users you typed in the Or Send to Specific User(s) by selecting below field.
  12. If you are satisfied with the users you selected to send this email to, move on to Review & Test then Save & Confirm your email.
  13. Click Send Now to send your email, or select Save Draft to send at a later time. 

Sending Login Credentials in Bulk

Sending Login credentials in bulk is very similar to what we just went over when composing an email to just one user.

  1. Follow the steps 1-4 under Compose an email to one User
  2. When you get to the Recipients tab, you will see different filters to send to all users or a specific group
  3. Select the User Type(s) you want to send the login credentials to. You can select more than one user type.
  4. Move on to additional filters or Advanced Filters if you want to send to a certain group. 
    1. FOR EXAMPLE: If I want to send an email to all of the parents in the database who have not verified their data, I will select User Type: Parents and with information that has been: Unverified
  5. Once you have your desired recipients, you can move on to the Review & Test and the Save & Confirm tab to send your email. 

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