Categories Overview

The Categories section allows you to organize your products to make it easier for the user. We created a few default categories for you but additional categories can be added depending on your store needs. 

Add a Category

  1. Navigate to Store > Categories
  2. Click on Add New to create a new category
  3. Click on the Product Category Icon and select your image 
  4. Then complete the Product Category Name that best described your category (example: School Store, Spirit Store, Donations, Dance Tickets, etc)
  5. Add a Product Category Description if needed 
  6. Select a Sortable Position to adjust the location of your category in the list
  7. Click Save to complete and exit this pop-up. 
  8. This category will now appear as on option when a new product is added

Viewing Products in a Category

  1. On the main page of the Category section, you can view all of the categories on your page. 
  2. View the Products in each category by clicking the number in that column. 
  3. This will give you a list of all of the products in that category
  4. Update this product by clicking on the Edit button 

Delete a Category

  1. On the main page of the Category section, click on the box next to the category you wish to delete. 
  2. Click the Delete button 

Check out the Products overview on how to created a new product and assign that product to a category.

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