Can Room Parents and Teachers send emails?

Yes! Adjust a few settings to the Room Parents and Teachers will give them the ability to send emails out to their groups and classes! 

Granting Email access to Room Parents

  1. You must assign a parent as a room parent.
  2. Go to School Settings > Roles.
  3. Click on Add New
  4. Create the Role Name: Room Parent.
  5. Select Teachers from the Connected To drop down because this parent should be assigned to a teacher. 
  6. Update a Role Description if you choose.
  7. Check the Can Email box to enable email privileges (This means any parent you assign as a room parent will have access to the email section to send their assigned class an email)
  8. Now that this Role has been created, click on the Role Users link to start assigning Room Parents to Teachers. 
  9. This page will allow you to add parents to any teacher in the database. Click Add New
  10. Select From is the type of person you are assigning to this role. This a parents role so select Parent from the drop.  
  11. This Person field will not populate all of the parents from the database. Select the parent you are assigning to this role. 
  12. The For field will list all of the teachers in the database. Select from the drop down which teacher the parent should be connected to. 
  13. Click Save

Granting Email access to Teachers 

  1. Navigate to School Settings > Setup
  2. Click the Edit button to update your school settings
  3. Click on Staff Settings to update their email privileges
  4. Click Save when you are done 

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