Can users add themselves to the software?

Since this is a secure software that holds sensitive information, anyone who sends in a join request must be approved by the software administrator. 

  1. The New User requesting to join a directory must click on Signup Now at the bottom of the main log in page  
  2. The system will go through a few questions to see if this New User is already in the system. 
  3. The New User must enter the zip code of the directory they wish to join in the Enter Organization ZIP Code.
  4. Based on the zip code, the Select Organization will narrow down the organizations that are using our software. The New User should select the organization from the drop down they wish to gain access to.
  5. Then the New User should enter in their email address and/or phone number.
  6. If the system cannot locate this New User, they will be prompted to complete the join request form.  
  7. The school/directory Admin Point of Contact will be notified of the join request, and choose to Approve or decline the request under People > Join Requests. We generally recommend that the Admin does a quick search to make sure the family does not exist before accepting the new request.
  8. If approved, the New User will be notified via email that the request was approved and the email will provide details on how to log in.

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