Back to School Preparation

Welcome back! 

We understand this is a busy time for you - So let's start with a brief overview of what happens during the back to school process. Some of these items might have been done already by AtoZ or another Admin so make sure to look at the dashboard to see what activities have taken place.  We also recommend backing up your data by downloading the students, parents, and household tables before resetting your data.

Update your App Admins

  1. Go to People > App Admins to make sure your data is correct and you have identified the main Points of Contact.

Promote/Archive Existing Students

  1. Under School Settings > Grades you can click on START Promote & Graduate to move students to the next highest grade (determined by Grade Hierarchy) and archive students in the highest grade.
  2. Review the Promote & Graduate article that will walk you through these steps. 

Data Verification Reset

  1. You will want to change the verification status for all households back to "NO" so that parents can verify their data again for the year and complete the Verification Wizard.
  2. Go to People > Households and follow the steps in the Resetting Verification Wizard article.  
  3. You will also want to turn the Verification Wizard back on in case you turned it off during the school year. The Wizard settings can be found under School Settings  > Setup > Wizard Settings.

Access to Directory

  1. Access to the directory for both returning and new families should be updated according to your schools desired expiration date. We generally recommend giving access to everyone initially through the beginning of NEXT school year (since it is 2017 - you would give them access through August of 2018). You can then remove access later in the school year for families that don't join your parent group or however you determine who should/should not have access.
  2. Update access for new families and staff by updating the default date under School Settings > Setup. Change the date in both the Default Values tab and the Staff Settings tab.
  3. Check out Update Users Directory access article that walks you through updating directory access to existing households.

Add/Import Incoming Students

  1. Add new families by going to People > Families and clicking on Add New Family.  
  2. You can ask new families to join themselves by directing them to the main log in page and click on Create an Account.
  3. Now you can import New Families in bulk. Check out the Import article that walks you through these steps. 

Verify Products and PayPal

  1. Look over your products to make sure they have the appropriate prices, and that they have been made active. Check out the Products article for a breakdown of this section. 
  2. For membership products - we highly recommend making the current products inactive and creating new ones with updated membership dates as well as Directory Access dates.
  3. We also recommend placing a handful of purchases to ensure PayPal and your products are setup properly.

Create Events for the New Year and Reset Volunteer Approval if necessary

  1. The Events section provides you the basics on how to create events. Remember you can always copy events from the previous year and change the dates.
  2. If your school requires volunteers to be approved, you can reset everyone to not approved under  Events > Volunteer ApprovalsHERE is an article that will walk you through updating the approval status. 

Update Teachers and Staff

  1. Review and update the teachers and staff to reflect the current school year. 
  2. Remember you can give teachers and staff the ability to send emails to their class.

Update your Room parents and Organization Leaders

  1. Create Room Parents and other Organization leaders under School Settings>Roles. Check out the Roles Overview article that will walk you through creating these roles.
  2. Remember you can give Room Parents the ability to send emails to their class/organization.

Update your School Calendar

  1. Navigate to the Calendar section to add events to your directory calendar. 
  2. You can create multiple calendars if you want to list events from different groups. 
  3. Check out the Calendar Overview article on how to get started. 

Send Emails to Parents

  1. Before sending emails, make sure your Email Sender Profiles are up to date.
  2. Please email 2-3 parents (friends/Board members/etc) first and ask them to login and go through the "verification process" before sending a mass email to everyone.  This is a great way to make sure that all the steps above have been completed accurately and that you have not missed anything.  The email program allows you to select specific people to receive your email.
  3. We recommend sending parent login information via email at least 3-4 times over a 2-3 week period to ensure you get the best results when having parents verify their data.  

Assign Teachers

  1. Once your school has students assigned to your teachers, you can update that information in your database. 
  2. Review the Assign Students to Teachers article on how to best accomplish that task.  
  3. Assigning teachers is a great way to make sure your data is 100% accurate in the database.

Getting Ready to Print

  1. For the schools we work with in preparing the print directory, we will walk you through the process in getting ready to print.

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