Getting Ready to Print

If your school works with AtoZ Connect, follow the step below to ensure all pieces come together smoothly.  The sections with an asterisk are for schools where AtoZ produces their print directory.

  • Create Your School Information and Cover Section*
  • Review the Dashboard for incomplete, multiple household, or duplicate families
  • Verify Students have Teacher, Grade, First and Last Names
  • Review Opt-Out Preference
  • Check Room Parents
  • Verify Total Students
  • Choose A Template

Create Your School Information and Cover Section (only for schools where AtoZ also prints your directory)

Please send us the  School Information Section fully proofed and sized properly. It is always best to send us the document as both a PDF and a Word document.  Please don't send us multiple documents that we need to combine for you.

You can download the template below to help make sure you have the right dimensions (5.5x8.5) - or you should be able to edit your front section from last year. If you don’t have it, please contact us at and we will send what we have from last year.

  • Front Section Template (Download)
  • Saving Front Section Template as PDF for MAC users (Instructions)


Please make sure to provide us a final front section that is ready to be printed and already proofed to ensure printing is not delayed. The front section should be in a PDF and Word document following the template provided. 

Review the Dashboard

When reviewing the Dashboard, it is important to take your time to ensure your data is correct. Review the Families Info section for incomplete families: Families with multiple households, Families with more than two parents, Families with zero students, etc.  We also recommend going to the Families section and click on Check Duplicate Families. The system will do a search on any possible duplicate households in your database.

Verify Students have Teacher, Grade, First and Last Names

Check that all students are assigned to a teacher and/or a grade, and that your teacher lists in the database match the teacher lists from the school. Also, check to make sure their First and Last name are complete.  You can find the students with no teachers or no grades by clicking on those columns under People - Students.  When you generate your class roster reports, you should also check to see if any students are in classes by themselves. If you see this, it usually means they are in the wrong grade or assigned to the wrong teacher.

Review Opt-Out Preference

Review people who opted out, and make sure they are listed/not listed as requested.

Check Room Parents

If you are using our software to list room parents, please review entries under School Info, Room Parents to make sure data shows up with complete information including teacher assignment. You will also want to make sure those room parents appear on the class rosters when you generate those reports.

Verify Total Students

When you verify the number of students in your directory, remember you can also use the filter options to narrow the results. For example, if you wanted to view the total number of students in grade 4.

Choose A Template

Once all your directory data is complete and accurate, choose a PDF template! You can see all the available templates under School Print Directory.

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