Print Access Codes Overview

Directory Access Codes is a great way to connect with your families that may not have an email on file or you need to send a reminder for them to verify their data. This section allows you to generate access codes and print them as a label and attach it to a letter to send home with in the students back pack. Let's get started...

Generating Access Codes

  1. Navigate to Communications > Print Access Codes.
  2. By default, the list selects all of the unverified families and the youngest student in that family.  The list will be sorted by teacher to make distribution easier.
  3. Use the Search engine to the left to update to the desired list.
  4. QUICK TIP: 

    Generate codes for just families with no emails by using the Total Household Parent Emails search field and entering 0 (zero), then click Search

  5. Now, click on Generate Access Codes button to generate the codes.
  6. You will be prompted with 2 options.
    1. Only for existing codes that are about to expire within next 7 days - Selecting this option will still give you a print out of all parents, however only the codes that were about to expire will be new. All other codes will not change.
    2. All existing access codes - If you have already given out print access codes, generating ALL new codes will make any existing codes you have previously given out invalid so be careful if you are using this option.
  7. Select an option then click the "Generate Now" button
  8. You should now be taken to a print screen with all of your access codes ready for printing on AVERY 5160 label paper. 
  9. HOW TO USE: 

    In order to use the print access codes, parents will navigate to:
    They can then enter their unique code to access the software, update their email address, password any any directory information for their account.   
    NOTE: the code MUST include your schools ID number followed by a dash then the code: 1234-4678MMW

  10. Place your labels on a letter to send home to your parents. Check out the letter below as an example to send to your parents:

Download this letter in English (Word doc)

Download this letter in Spanish (Word doc)

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