Event SignUp Overview

The Events SignUp page will show you Current, Past, My Invites and My Family Signups for your school. 


  1. By default, any current or upcoming events will appear on the main page
  2. Click on an event to view the details
  3. Depending on the settings of this event, you will be able to RSVP or sign up for volunteering 
    1. RSVP - Click on the Edit RSVP if this event requires you to record your RSVP
    2. Signups - If this event has volunteer needs, the job will appear at the bottom of the event. Click the Sign-Up button on the job you wish to volunteer for. 
      • Review the pop-up page of the job you are signing up for
      • Select Sign Me Up
      • My Hours are set based on the administrators settings however you can edit the amount
      • My Visibility - Select from one of the options if you want your job sign up displayed to others
      • Share This Job of Facebook by clicking the icon
      • Click Save to successfully sign up and exit this page 
      • NOTE: You are automatically RSVP'd as attending an event when you sign up for a slot/job
  4. Your response will now appear on the event 
  5. Click on the event and the slot/job you signed up for to edit any of your information


  1. This page will show any events that have already passed

My Invites 

  1. This page will show you all of the job/slots you have signed up for and any invites the administrator signed you up for

My Family SignUps

  1. View all of the events your family signed up for
  2. Tracking your volunteer hours here
  3. Use the search panel to find a specific event

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