How do I verify or edit my family information?

Every year, your school may ask you to verify your data through the Verification Wizard. This is asked to ensure the directory and your school has the most up-to-date information listed for you and your family. Below are two ways you can verify and edit your family information:

Verification Wizard

  1. If you received an email from your school directory chair (most likely in the beginning of the school year) to verify your data, log in at and you will be prompted to the Verification Wizard.
  2. Tab 2 will ask you to verify your household data.
  3. Click on the Please Verify button on the household, parent and student level to complete this section.
  4. Update these fields with the most up-to-date information.
  5. Complete the remaining tabs to successfully complete the wizard and move on to the online directory.

Check out the  Verification Wizard article for a complete breakdown of this section.

Updating My Account

  1. If you have completed the wizard, you can still edit your information anytime by logging in at
  2. Expand the Menu bar and go to the My Account section. 
  3. Click on My Family Info to edit your household, parent or student information. 
  4. Click on the blue Edit button next to the household, parent or student information to update. 
  5. A pop-up will appear so you can edit each field. Hover over the fields and a hide box will appear for you to check if you wish to hide that information from the directory. 
  6. Click on My Login Info if you wish to update your password and the email associated with your login.

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