Why doesn't my information appear in the Directory?

During the verification wizard, some schools allow you to opt out of the print and/or online directory.  If you checked the opt out option or hid certain parts of your information, that may be why your information isn't showing up. Don't worry! You can log back in and opt in and or un-hide fields

  1. Log in and you will be directed to the main search page of the software
  2. Click the Menu bar in the upper left hand corner  
  3. Go to My Account > My Family Info 
  4. From here, you can edit the opt out preferences 
  5. Click on the Edit button on the household level 
  6. Select the Opt Out preference 
  7. If certain information is missing on the person level, click the Edit button on that person
    1. Hidden in Directory will appear above the field that is hidden 
    2. Hover over each field on the right side to hide or unhide fields 

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