How do I update my username & password?

If you don't know your username and/or password, go to the main login page and click on Forgot my Password

If you are logged into the database and wish to update your information, you can do this my following a few simple steps. See below:

  1. Click on the Menu Icon at the top left hand corner of the main page.
  2. Expand the My Account section.
  3. Click on My Login Info. 
  4. This page will allow you to update your email address and override your password.
  5. Click Save when you are done.
  6. The username field is grayed out, not allowing you to override. You will need to contact your directory chair to update your username.

You can use your email address as your username when you wish to log in on your desktop or mobile device. Since usernames must be unique, it is recommended to leave the username as is and just use your email address to log in. 

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