Promote & Graduate

Every year the database will need to be cleaned up for the upcoming school year. This includes promoting students to the next grade level and graduating the highest grade. 

Updating Hierarchy 

  1. To begin this process, you want to make sure the Grade Hierarchy is set up correctly. 
  2. Manage the Grade Hierarchy by going to School Settings > Grades.
  3. Click the Edit button next to the grade to adjust the grade Hierarchy.  
  4. Start the Grade Hierarchy at the lowest number for the lowest grade (Grade/Heirarchy:  PreK/5, K /10, 1/15, 2 /20, etc).
  5. Increase the amount (we typically increase by 5 or 10) for the next grade level. The system does not know PreK goes to K so the promotion is based on hierarchy numbers.
  6. When you promote the students, the system will recognize the next highest number and move all of the students marked as hierarchy 5 will go to 10.

Promote & Graduate Students

  1. Click the START Promote & Graduate button on the top of the Grades page.  
  2. Update the Mass Update Action if you want to promote, archive or ignore each grade.
  3. Click on FINISH Promote & Graduate. 
  4. All of the students will be moved to the next grade level and the graduating class will be archived and can be located in the Clean Up section. 
  5. Last Promoted On column will update with the promotion just performed.

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