Calendar and Lunch Menu Overview

The Calendar Page allows you to easily add events for your school or group organization. Create multiple and color coded calendars to make it easy for the users to organize and view the different calendar events listed. You can also use this area to create a lunch menu for your school. If your school is in a district where we have a number of schools using the software AND the lunch menu is the same for all elementary schools, you might find that we have already created the lunch menu for you!

Calendar and Lunch Menu Settings 

  1. Let's start by creating a new calendar group. 
  2. Navigate to Calendar > Calendar (s) Settings
  3. Click on the Add New button 
  4. Complete the Calendar fields
    1. Calendar Name - Select an appropriate name for this New Calendar
    2. Color - Select a color which will be the background of each event added in the calendar page
    3. Calendar Type - this is where you indicate whether the calendar you are creating is a regular calendar or a Lunch Menu.  If you select lunch menu, these calendar events will show up in the lunch menu portion of the software for parents to see.
    4. Active - Mark if this calendar should be active or not 
  5. This main page will now list all of the calendars you have created 
  6. Edit, view or delete the different calendars by selecting the appropriate icons 

Add Calendar Events to the Calendar or the Lunch Menu

  1. Navigate to Calendar > Calendar Main to start adding events to your calendar.  For lunch menu calendar items, navigate to the Calendar Lunch area.
  2. Click the Add New button to get started 
  3. Complete the fields to successfully add your event 
    1. Title - Select a Title for this event 
    2. Description - Add a detailed description if needed
    3. Start Date - Select a date this event starts
    4. End Date - Select the date this event ends
    5. All Day Event - Check this box if this is an all day event  
    6. Start Time and End Time - These fields will appear if the All Day Event is unchecked allowing you to specify the start and end time of your event 
    7. Calendar - Based on your Calendar Settings, this drop down will list all of the calendars you created. Select the calendar this event should be linked to. 
  4. Click Save 
  5. The Calendar page will now show all of your events with the color codes 

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