How do I assign Teachers to Students in bulk?

Assign Teachers to students in just a few simple steps. Let's get started...

  1. Navigate to People > Students
  2. Use the search panel and search by Grade 
  3. After clicking the Search button, the results will give you all of the students in that grade
  4. Update the records per page so all students appear on one page 
  5. Double click on student Last Name column to sort alphabetically 
  6. Go down the list and check off the students that should be assigned to one teacher
  7. Once you have selected all of the students, click on Update Selected (You can always select the box at the very top of your list to select all)
  8. Check the Teacher box in the pop-up page to edit this field
  9. Select the teacher that should be assigned to these students from the drop down (if you don't see the teacher, you must add the teacher in the Teacher section)
  10. Click Update XXX Records

View Students Assigned to Teacher

  1. Go to People > Teachers / Staff 
  2. The last column of the teachers information will show how many Students and connected Users are linked to this teacher
  3. Click the Students link to view all students assigned to this teacher 
  4. You can edit the student information but you must go to the Student page if this student should be assigned to a different teacher
  5. Click the Printer icon to print the list of student to easily print out class lists. 

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