Checklist with Print

Below is a timeline to help organize your directory for the upcoming school year. Please use this as a guideline to ensure all steps in your directory process have been completed and meets your deadline.


  • Sign agreement and return to AtoZ Connect by the end of the month.
  • NEW SCHOOLS - Provide AtoZ Connect the following items:
    • Directories/artwork from the past 2 years.
    • Directory ad price list from previous year.
    • List of any ad contacts/advertisers from previous years.
    • Send a list of community businesses you think would make an ideal school sponsor/advertiser.


  • Work with your school or parent group board to determine directory responsibilities for the upcoming school year. The directory chair(s) should consider taking an online training course to familiarize themselves with the software or (if they are returning) take a quick course as a refresher. Training Schedule & Video's
  • Update the parent group website to let potential advertisers know to contact AtoZ Connect.
  • Upload the AtoZ Connect widget to your parent group/school website. Widget Code
  • Capture and input (manually add or import) in the database the names and email address' for incoming kindergartners and new families.
    • REMEMBER: Don't miss Kindergarten orientation! (March-May) 
    • For incoming Kindergartners (or the youngest grade in your school) - Assign them to an "incoming K" or similar grade to separate new students from the existing students in the database. 
  • Send out "advertising announcement via email/newsletter/backpack express letting parents know they can advertise in the directory (this template will be available in the database around April).


  • Clean up database for the upcoming school year by completing the End of Year Admin Checklist (Disregard this step if this is a new school).
  • Determine if you will be using our software to track/collect PTA memberships, set up PayPal and create/update products. For membership products we strongly recommend creating a new product(s) every year and making the old product inactive (this is reviewed during the End of Year Admin Checklist).
  • Send out 2nd "advertising announcement" via email/newsletter lettings parents know they can advertise in the directory. 
  • Attend new student orientation to get new family data to add new students and transfers in the database (import or manually add).
  • Finalize any school info to include in the directory (i.e. calendars, groups, organizations, events, mailing lists, etc).
  • Update teachers and staff data (add or delete, add title, etc).
  • Provide AtoZ the list of students to import (we do 1 import a year) if your school provides you this data. Data must be in the correct format.
  • Turn Verification Wizard on. 
  • Send out test emails to 2-3 people and have them go through the Wizard to make sure all products are set up properly and everything else works as expected.
  • Email all users in the database to have them verify their data via the Verification Wizard. We recommend providing a deadline for users to encourage them to verify their data sooner than later. 


  • Send out the FINAL "advertising announcement" via email/newsletter/backpack express.
  • Get updated class lists from school to compare data to ensure all students are in the database.
  • Assign teachers to students.
  • Send out another reminder to users via email/newsletter/backpack express to verify their data through the verification wizard (Its recommended to do this 3-4 times to ensure all users respond and your directory is the most up-to-date).
  • Review the dashboard for any areas that will need to be cleaned up before going to print (duplicate households, opt outs, parents without students, etc).
  • Run the class roster and school listings report in the School Print Directory section of the software. Review and update software as needed.
  • Send AtoZ Connect fully proofed, properly formatted School Information front section using the AtoZ's template (or last years front section) and the Class and Student listings reports.
  • Confirm directory order information: Quantity, date needed delivered & delivery address (Review Checklist for Finalizing School Data).
  • Celebrate completion of your directory! 


  • Turn off Verification Wizard.
  • Review directory access to ensure users have access or access is taken away based on your requirements.

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