How do I send an email to users about an event?

Congratulations on creating a New Event! Let's spread the word that this event is coming up. 

  1. Now that you created an upcoming event, click on Compose an Email to send an event link to the users in the database.
  2. Select the option from the pop-up on who should receive this email then click on COMPOSE NEW EMAIL
    • General Email - Select the recipients you wish to send this event link to
    • People With Assigned Jobs - Only send this email to users who are assigned jobs for this event
    • People Who Responded Yes - Send an email to users who already RSVP'd or signed up for a job in this event
  3. Complete the email steps 1-5 to successfully send your email out. 
    • Basic Info - Select who this is email is from (click on Add New Sender profile if you need to add a new sender).
    • Compose - Select from a template if needed, add a Subject line, merge fields and then complete the body of your email. The link to the event will be embedded in the body of the email. 
    • Recipients - Depending on your selection from #2, use the filters to narrow down the users you wish to email
    • Review & Test - Review that the correct amount of recipients have been selected then send yourself a test email to check all links, attachments and other possible errors in your email. 
    • Save & Confirm - Give the email one last review, save for later or send now 

Check out the Email Overview for a break down of the email section.

4. Once your email is sent, the system will send you back to your event page. Click on the Emails tab to view all emails that were sent for this event. 

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