Subscription List & Mailing List

Mailing & Subscription Lists allow you to create groups to quickly send emails out to a specific group.   Subscription lists are useful to gauge users interests because parents can subscribe to any of these lists when verifying/editing their data.  Mailing lists are helpful short cuts to email a specific group of people.

Create a New List

  1. Go to Communications > Mailing & Subscription Lists.
  2. Click on Add new and a pop-up page will appear:
    • Type - Select subscription list from the drop down.
    • List name - Select the appropriate name for subscription list. 
    • List Email Identifier - Create an email identifier name. This email address will act similar to a distribution list feature of email client programs. It will allow you to email everyone subscribed to this list from outside the software.  For example, you can send an email to the "list email identifier" from your personal email account (as long as your personal email address is the address associated with your Admin login) and it will go to everyone on this list!
    • List Description - Add additional details about this subscription list.
    • Active - To change active settings for the list from No to Yes.
    • Send list info to my phone - This will send this email address to your phone so you can save it to your contacts and easily email the entire list from your phone!  Remember the email account on your phone must be the same email address associated with your AtoZ Connect Admin account for this to work.


    You can send this email out from your personal email using the List Email Identifier without having to log into the database! Only the administrators have the authorization to send this email out from their personal email (your personal email must be linked to an admin account) For example: Send a quick update to parents that the Spring Picnic is cancelled because of bad weather.

Subscription list 

A subscription list is similar to a distribution list, in that it allows users to choose which emails they would like to receive from you by letting them opt in to some, as well as opt out of others. For example: If a parent wants the school newsletter, the parent can subscribe to the "Newsletter" list.

Users Subscribe to Subscription List 

Now that you have successfully created a subscription list, the users (parents, teachers, staff, other) have the option to subscribe to these lists.

  1. On the Verification Wizard, the user can click on the Verify tab (this will send them to their Household, Parent and Students page).
  2. Click on the Edit button for the pertaining parent, and a pop-up window will appear.
  3. Scroll down to Subscribe to these school email lists and toggle to Yes.
  4. Save changes, or Cancel to undo any changes made.

Admins Subscribe Users to a Subscription List

  1. To assign a parent to a subscription list, go to People > Parents.
  2. Use the search panel at the right hand corner to search by parents last name.
  3. Click on the Edit button (blue pencil) for the pertaining parent you are looking for.
    • Scroll down to Subscribe to these School email list and toggle to YES (the button in green is the active one).
    • Press Save to save your changes, or Cancel to undo any changes made.

Mailing List 

A mailing list is a group of users you wish to send specific emails to. As as an administrator, you must assign these users to the mailing list by picking the filters you want to use. You could always pick these same folks when sending an email, but by creating a mailing list, you will be able to email them using your personal email as described above in the NOTE. It also makes it easier when sending to these people inside the software because you can simply pick the mailing list as described below. The user or parent cannot sign up to be included in this list.

  1. Follow the steps under Create a New List above, and select mailing list from the drop down.
  2. Update Mailing List Filters to select your recipients for this group.
    • User Types - Select from the drop down if you want Parents, Teachers, Staff, Admins etc. (You can select more than one user type to complete your list)
    • Grades - Select a specific grade if this list is based on grade.
    • Teachers - Select a specific teacher if this list is based on teachers.
    • Organizations - Create a list based on an Organizations in your database (See the Organizations overview on how you can create Organizations). 
    • Roles - Create a list based on Roles like Room Parents or Parent Groups.
    • Access to Directory Expires Before - Narrow your list by selecting users based on directory access.
    • With Information that has been - Select Verified or Unverified. This is based on users who have completed and confirmed their data.
    • Is Member - Select No or Yes if you want to select recipients who are members of your parent group.
    • Opted Out (of Directory) - Select No or Yes if you want to select recipients based on opt out status. 
  3. Once you have selected your filters, Save your mailing list.
  4. This mailing list is available in the Select Recipients section when you compose a new email.
  5. When you select this mailing list in the Compose email section, this will wipe out any filters in this section and only send to the users that were defined in the mailing list set up.

Digital Backpack

The Digital Backpack allows Admins, room parents, and teachers the ability to upload flyers or multiple page documents directly in the app so parents have instant access to important information. This is a great way to get information to parents and compliments the traditional "backpack express" of sending things home in kids' backpacks. 

  1. This mailing list is already populated for you and will be listed on at the main Mailing & Subscription List's page. By default, this will go out to all parents weekly. Click on the Edit button to update the settings and set this to the desired schedule. 
  2. Update the pop-up fields to identify this list and set a schedule. 
    • List Email Identifier - By default this list is named Digital Backpack. Update this field to the desired list and email address name.
    • Notify Option - Click on the drop to select the frequency schedule. If a new post is uploaded, an email will be sent out based on the frequency. 
    • Send list info to my phone -  This saves the email address to your phone contacts to make it easy to send to this list from your phone.  Remember your phone email address must match your Admin email address for this to work.
    • Click Save. 

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