Emails to Comcast emails not being delivered

We have noticed an issue that sometimes emails sent to email addresses are not getting delivered. By default the spam folder of Comcast is not enabled - these emails just do not get delivered to your inbox or spam folder. (Crazy, right?)

Below is how you can enable your spam folder on comcast email accounts.

We are working diligently with Comcast and other providers to make sure issues like these are resolved to ensure your mail is being delivered.

Follow the simple steps below to change your Comcast spam filter settings.

Change Spam Filter Preferences

  1. Sign in to XFINITY Connect and click on gear icon top right.
  2. Select Mail from the left pane and click Advanced Settings.
  3. Under Spam Filtering.
  4. Click Enable spam filter of my account AND check save a copy of emails marked as spam.

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