How do I delete families without students?

The new and improved Dashboard provides a summary of your database. This dashboard also allows you to view and quickly edit incomplete families. Review the instructions below on how to quickly and easily delete families without student. 

Under the Family Info section, you will find a variety of different family scenario's. 

One of the most common family scenarios is Families Without Students. This happens when the students are promoted and the highest grade is graduated (students are archived). Those graduated student's families remain in the database in case they have any incoming students for the upcoming school year. Once you have imported or manually added the new students, review the Dashboard for any of the families that did not have any incoming students. You will want to delete them since those families no longer have children at your school. 

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard from the Menu bar.
  2. Review the Families Info section for incomplete families.
  3. Identify the Family w/0 students and click on that link.
  4. This link will send you to the Families page and will list all of the Families with/0 Students. 
  5. Update the display per page to get everyone on one page (if your list is over hundred, then you will need to repeat the next few steps to successfully delete these families).
  6. Select the box at the top of the list to select everyone on this page.
  7. Then click the DELETE button.

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