Why am I repeating the verification process?

It appears that you did not finish the Wizard completely. After you complete the Confirm tab, it will take you to the Finish tab. There, you just want to click on the green button, " View Directory." If on your phone or mobile device, just hit the Next button to you get to the last screen. You don't need to pay again or re-verify, you just need to fully finish completing the wizard. See below for examples (for both mobile and desktop):

From your Desktop:

When you have finished completing your verification, please click on View Directory to begin accessing the directory. You must click this button to complete the verification process.

From your Mobile Device:

Please click on “Begin Verification Process,” verify your data, and continue until you get to the last page.

Continue to hit next once you have finished the verification process for each page.

Once complete, you will see the below final page. Click on the green button, “ View Directory” to fully complete the verification wizard.

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