The Dashboard is a great tool to give you an overview of your database. We recommend viewing the Dashboard as you are getting closer to print to clean up your data. 

  1. Organization Details - Provides your organization name, if the wizard and online shopping is enabled, and default user access.  
  2. User Breakdown - Details of the different users in your database and their subscription status. 
  3. Families Info - This provides a breakdown of the family set up. Items to pay attention to are families w/0 students/parents, families with more than 2 parents or families with more than 2 households. These examples may indicate the family is incomplete or families with bad data. 
  4. Households Info - Get an idea of how many families have logged in to verify their data and provide a summary of user expiration dates.
  5. Students & Grades - Providing you a pie chart overview of the students in your database. 
  6. Action Needed - URGENT - Join Requests, Families with No households or Families with No Users are considered urgent items that will need your review. Click on the number in that box to jump to that page to update your database. 
  7. Potential Action Needed - These items may need your review depending on how you are managing your directory. 
  8. Looking for help? - Click on the Learn More button to find useful guides like this one on our support site or sign up for training class.

Click on any of the text to quickly navigate to that page to update your database. For example: View Families Info and click on the text "Families w/0 students." This will take you to the families page and list all of those families that do not have students. 

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