How do I enable the Verification Wizard?

The Verification Wizard is a quick tool allowing parents to view, verify and edit their data so it is the most up-to-date for your school directory! 

If you decide to use the Verification Wizard tool, you will need to enable this setting. 

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard to check to see if the wizard is enabled which can be found by viewing the Organization Details 
  2. Under Entity Settings, the status of the wizard will display Enabled or Disabled
  3. You can update your settings by going to School Settings > Set up
  4. Go to Wizard Settings to enable the wizard
  5. Click on the box next to Enabled to activate the wizard, and save your changes
  6. Navigate back to the Dashboard and the status will update to Enabled 


On the Dashboard, you can click on the Entity Settings link which will connect you directly to the settings page 

Once the parents complete the wizard, they will be directed to the main search page of your school online directory. The household verification status will update on the admin side to verified, so you can track who has confirmed their data for the year. 

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