Sending Emails out as a Room Parent/Teacher

The directory chair has the option to grant Room Parents and Teacher/Staff the ability to email students, teachers, and parents in their assigned classroom. If you are signing in as a parent or teacher, and see the Email feature in the menu bar, this means you have this emailing capability. So let's get started sending out your first email...

  1. Log in at
  2. Once you have selected your destination (school) and user account, expand the Menu bar and click on Email.
  3. Then click on Compose New Email. 
    1. Sender - This tab requires you to identify who is sending this email. Click the drop list and select the teacher name of the classroom you are assigned to as a Room Parent or Teacher. 
    2. Compose - This tab is where you can compose the details of your email. This email address requires a subject. 

      These are dynamic fields that will populate specific information about your recipient. Copy the code in the body of your email and the system will populate that data when the recipient reviews the email in their inbox. 

    4. Recipients - This list will only include the students, parents and teachers in this classroom. Use the quick filters to select your recipients or select one at a time.
    5. Review - The last tab will give a summary of how many recipients are in your email. You have the option to save the draft or send now. 
  4. Click Yes, Send Now confirm you want this email sent.
  5. The Email page will now display all of your sent emails. 

NOTE: Please contact your directory chair if you would like to view the stats of this email (delivered, open rate, click rate, etc)

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