School Listing and Class Roster Reports

You can download print ready student listing and class roster reports at anytime or as many times as you need. From the menu, select School Print Directory. This page will list all of the available reports for you. 

Selecting a Report 

  1. Use the Report Type filter to grab the students listings or class rosters reports.
  2. Review the Report Description and Report page height and width to ensure you are selecting the correct report for your directory.
  3. Click the magnifying glass once you have selected the report.
  4. The next page will provide a view of your report.
  5. Click the red Generate Report button, on the upper right hand side to run your report.
  6. You can now update the following fields to customize your report:
    • Starting Page Number - By default, the page number will begin on page 1. Override the number if this report begins on a different page number or delete the page number to remove of numbers from the report. 
    • Page Letter - Place a letter in front of your page numbers. 
    • Page Header Text - Customize the header of your report.
    • Page Footer Text - Add footer text to your report (example: *These families were members as of 9/1/2017).
  7. Once you have customized your report, click Submit.
  8. The page will refresh with these changes, click the Save button to download the PDF.

Final Reports MUST be run from a Windows computer using Chrome.

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