Main Directory Search Page

The main directory page is where you have access to your school's directory data. Login in at

Searching for Families 

  1. Depending on your school set up, you may be directed to the main search page of the school directory. 
  2. This page will not display other family data unless you search in the search engine at the top of the page OR use one of the My Quick Filters. 
Search Engine
  1. Once you start typing in a person's name or just a few letters of the name, the software will provide those results. 
Quick Filters
  1. If you select on one of the Quick Filters, like teacher, this will direct you to the teacher contact. 
  2. Click on the teacher name and this will provide you the teachers information and list the students the teacher is assigned to which you can click on to view that students information.
  3. Go back to the main search page of the directory and expand the More button under My Quick Filters.
  4. Select one of the other filters, like grade, to find a class list or other groups in your directory. 

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