How do I apply cash or check payments?

Some payments are submitted as cash or check to your parent group or school that you may want to reflect on a families record. This also allows parent groups to identify and track members vs non-members even if you are not using the  PayPal feature

Creating a product

The first step is creating the product so you can apply the payment a parent submitted to your parent group or school. 
  1. From the Menu bar, go to Store > Products
  2. Click on Add New Product.
  3. Complete the mandatory fields to customize your product. (Check out Product Overview for a more details breakdown of each field)
  4. Click Save

Applying a payment at the Families Page

  1. Navigate to People > Families
  2. Search for the family that submitted a cash or check payment. 
  3. Once you have located the family, click the edit button to the left. 
  4. At the Families page, click on of the Purchases tab.
  5. Now, click on Add New Purchases.
  6. Complete the fields in the pop-up page to successfully add the payment.
    1. Household - Select from the drop down what household this payment should apply to (this will show multiple households if this is a divorced family)
    2. Date - Select the date the parent submitted their payment.
    3. Pay Method - Select Cash, Check, Credit Card or Not Tracking payment type.
    4. Payment Amount - Enter the amount paid.
    5. Notes - Add any additional information you want to add to this payment. (Example: enter check number, partial cash, etc)
    6. Purchase Details
      • Purchased Products - Select the product from the drop down list which is polulated by the active products created at the Products page)
      • Qty - Select the appropriate number of items purchased. 
      • Price - This field will populate based on the product and quantity selection.
      • Subtotal - Final amount. 
  7. Click Save.
  8. The Purchase tab will now update with the payment submitted.

You can also view all payments including manual payments by going  Store > Orders Details and export these results for your records and treasurer! 

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