Digital Backpack Overview

The Digital Backpack allows Admins, room parents, and teachers the ability to upload flyers or multiple page documents directly in the app so parents have instant access to important information. This is a great way to get information to parents and compliments the traditional "backpack express" of sending things home in kids' backpacks.  This article will go over the basic functions of the Digital Backpack so you can get started today!

Creating a Schedule for Digital Backpack email notifications

A Schedule allows you to set how often email notifications for new Digital Backpack postings will go out to parents that are subscribed to receive Digital Backpack notifications. It is generally recommend to send notifications weekly so parents are not overwhelmed by emails. However if there is an important document, the system offers the ability to send the document out the day it is posted.

  1. Navigate to Communications > Mailing & Subscriptions List
  2. A Digital Backpack List should already be populated in this section. Click the edit button to update the desired schedule.  
  3. Update the pop-up fields to identify this list and set a schedule. 
    • List Email Identifier - By default this list is named Digital Backpack. Update this field to the desired list and email address name.
    • Notify Option - Click on the drop to select the frequency schedule. If a new post is uploaded, an email will be sent out based on the frequency. 
    • Send list info to my phone - Enter your phone number to authorize your phone and email address to send emails outside of the software using your mobile or email provider. 
    • Click Save
  4. If you don't see this list, follow the steps below to create a digital backpack list:
    1. Click on Add New.
    2. For List Type - choose Digital Backpack.
    3. For Show as Standard List - choose Yes.
    4. For List Name - select Digital Backpack.
    5. For List Email Identifier - use DigitalBackpack.
    6. For Notify option - It is recommended weekly (Wednesday is always a good day) but you can determine how often you want to let parents know about new documents you have posted in the Digital Backpack.
  5. Manage the recipients by clicking on the users under the Subscribers/ Recipients column. This page will list all of the recipients for this mailing list. 
    1. Use the Search tool on the left to locate a specific user. 
    2. Click the Edit button next to that user to update their information. 
    3. Delete a recipient by checking the box next to that user then clicking on Delete button at the top of this page. 
  6. Update in bulk by selecting multiple users and selecting the Update Select button. 
  7. Select the Add New button at the top of the page to add to this list. 

Upload a Document

  1. Select Digital Backpack / Flyers under the Communications section. 
  2. Click on the blue Add New button.
  3. Complete the fields on the left page of the pop of up to customize your post. 
  4. Document Title - Add a title that best describes your document.
    • Post Option - Select from the three options to post your document.        
    • Do not Post - Draft Only - Select if you are not quite ready to make this post live.
    • Post on Specific Start Date - Make this post live in a future date by selecting a start date (end date is optional).
    • Post Immediately - This post will be live once you save this page. 
  5. Notification On 
    • On entity schedule - This post will be included in the email users receive based on the Digital Backpack schedule you established when you created the Digital Backpack list.
    • On post start date - An email notification will be sent out on the date you selected.  Emails go out at 8AM and 5PM EST daily so if you post the document after 5PM EST, the notification will go out the next day.
    • None - No notification is required. Users can log into the app and view this flyer under the Digital Backpack section. 
  6. Post on Behalf Of - Select from the drop down who this post is coming from.
  7. Post to Entire School - Yes is selected by default. If you wish to send to a specific group, select No and update the filters to send to the desired group.   
    • Grades - Click on this field to see a list populated by the grades in database to select one or multiple grades. This post will be available to the parents whose students are assigned to the grades selected. 
    • Teachers - Click on this field to see a list of all the teachers in the database to select one or multiple teachers. This post will be available to the parents whose students are assigned to the teachers selected. 
    • Organization / Group - The post will be available to the users assigned to the Organization or Group selected. 
    • Have Membership - Make this post available to users based on membership status. 
    • ** NOTE: Users who match ANY of the filter criteria will be able to see this posting.  By way of example, if you select 3rd grade and Ms Nelson, anyone who has a student in 3rd grade OR has Ms Nelson as a teacher will receive the notification.
  8. 1st, 2nd & 3rd Button - Select a call to action button and provide a URL to link the button to. Select up to three buttons. 
  9. Keywords for Search - Add searchable key words to make it easier for the users to search for this post. Include commas to separate the words. 
  10. On the right side of your page, select Choose File or drag and drop a document from your computer.   The accepted file types are PDF, JPG, PNG, or GIF. If you have a hard copy of the document, you can take a picture of the document and load that file.  The maximum file size is 10MB.
  11. Once you have uploaded your file, you can rearrange, delete or add multiple documents to your post. 
  12. Click Save to successfully add your post to the Digital Backpack

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