Teachers & Staff Posting to Digital Backpack

The directory administrator can grant Teachers & Staff the ability to post documents to the parents in their class. This document will show how a Teacher can quickly log in and post to their class. 


You must have a directory administrator account to have the ability to post to everyone in the database. Contact your directory chair for more information. 

  1. Log in with your teacher login credentials (Forgot your password? Click here to have a reset link emailed to you).
  2. Expand the menu and go to Digital Backpack / Flyers.
  3. This page will display all everything that is posted to Digital Backpack. As a Teacher & Staff with permission to post, you will see a green Add New button this page. 
  4. Click on Add New to post to Digital Backpack.
  5. Complete the required fields to successfully post to Digital Backpack. 
    1. Document Title - Name your document. 
    2. Posting Options - Select when this post should be available.
      • Do not Post - Draft Only - Post will be saved as draft and only visible when this field is updated. 
      • Post Immediately - Post will be available to view once post is saved.
      • Post of Specific Start Date - Post will be not be available for view until the start specified.
    3. Files - Drag and drop or click on Choose File to upload a document from your computer. 
    4. Links - Add a 1st, 2nd and 3rd button to your document that will link to a URL of choice. 
    5. Keywords for Search - Add as many key words to your documents to make it easier for users to search for it. 
    6. Click Save.

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