Parent Requesting to be a room parent

Parents Requesting to be a Room Parent 

  1. From the Directory page, a parent can select a teacher to view this teacher profile and the students they are linked to. 
  2. The Teacher profile will list any Roles that are linked to this teacher as well as any users that are assigned to this Role
  3. Any user can click on Request to join this Role if they want to sign up.
  4. This parent should add a note saying they are interested, then submit request. 

  5. The teacher will be notified and can add the room parent or forward the request to the appropriate person.

Enabling this feature

In order for parents to be able to "Request to join this role" , you will need to enable this feature in the Role Settings.

  1. Navigate to School Settings > Roles
  2. Select the role that you wish to enable this for. (in this care the Room Parent Role)
  3. Mark the checkbox next to "Can Request Join"
  4. Click "Save"

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