Teacher Membership

Using the AtoZ app, teachers can easily sign up and pay to be a parent group member. Let's go over the Teacher Membership product set up and how show you how teachers can pay in the app.

Creating a Teacher Membership Product

  1. Organize your products by first creating a Teacher/Staff Category to make it easy for parents and teachers to identify which membership product they should purchase. 
  2. Go to Store > Categories and click on Add New
  3. Complete the fields to successfully add a new category to your store.
  4. Now lets get started on creating the product. Go to Store > Products
  5. Click on the blue Add New Product button.
  6. Update the product fields to complete your teacher membership product. (We recommend adding the name "Teacher" in the name so parents understand this is a teacher product)

  7. Select the Teacher/Staff category that was created by going to the Description tab and selecting that category from the Categories drop down. 
  8. Check out the Products help article to go over the breakdown on how to create products. 
  9. Remember to Save when all changes have been made. 

Manually applying membership product to Teacher

Now that the Teacher/Staff Membership product is created, you can now manually apply the product to any of your teachers to identify them as paid members. 

  1. Go to People > Teachers/Staff and click the edit button next to the teacher you wish to update with the membership product. 
  2. A pop-up page will appear to edit this teachers data. Scroll to the bottom and expand Manually Add Purchases
  3. Update each field to manually apply the Teacher/Staff Membership product that will appear in the Purchases Products drop down. 
  4. Click Save when all changes have been made. 

Teacher Paying online for Membership

Let your teachers know they can pay online for their membership products by sending an email through the software! Below we show you how the Teacher/Staff can quickly pay online. 

  1. Once the teachers are logged into the app, they should expand the menu bar and select Store > Products
  2. Teachers will see the different categories that were created and should select the correct category that has their Teacher/Staff Membership product. 
  3. Teachers can select View Item then place in their cart to pay using their PayPal account or credit card. 

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