Room Parents & Teacher Classroom Management Tools Overview

Teacher's and Room Parent's have more control than ever with the AtoZ Connect App. The App allows them to communicate through the software, share important documents and manage their class. Let's take a look in this Overview so you can share these powerful tools with your Teachers and Room Parents today!

  • Room Parent Set Up
  • Teacher Set up
  • Manage Classroom
  • Email Classroom
  • Text Classroom
  • Upload to Digital Backpack
  • Flyers

Setting up a Room Parent

The first step to having your Room Parents manage their classroom is to assign parents as a  Room Parent. By default, AtoZ has created a Room Parent Role so you will just need to review and update their privileges. 

  1. Navigate to School Settings > Roles.
  2. Edit the Room Parent Role. and make sure that you have selected Can Email and Can Add Families so that they are able to manage classrooms and email parents in their classroom. 

  3. Check the appropriate boxes to allow the desired control over a classroom they are linked to. Review the Roles Overview for a full breakdown of the Roles page. 
    • Can Email - The Room Parent has the ability to send emails & post to Digital Backpack.
    • Can Request Join - Allow other parents to show interest in joining this role and submit a request. 
    • Can Add Families - The Room parent has the ability to update student and family information which includes building their classroom. 
  4. Click on the Role Users to start assigning parents as a Room Parent

Setting up Teacher Control

  1. Navigate to Schools Settings > Set up > Staff Settings.
    • Staff & Teacher Allow App Access Until - Update this field to grant access to the app. 
    • Staff & Teacher Allow Email - Check this box to allow teachers and staff to send emails and post to the Digital Backpack.
    • Staff Allow Add Families - Check this box to allow teachers and staff to manage and add families to their classroom.
  2. Go to People > Teachers & Staff to edit or add teachers and staff to your database. Review the Teachers & Staff Overview for a breakdown of this section. 

Managing My Classroom as a Room Parent

  1. Now that Room Parent Roles are assigned, this user will have added features when they log in as a parent. 
  2. This Room Parent should review the Managing My Classroom help article for Room Parents to learn more on how to use these features.  

Managing My Classroom as a Teacher

  1. Depending on the what managing tools you allowed your teacher to have, the Teacher can log into their account and start managing their classroom. 
  2. Teachers should review the Managing My Classroom help article for teachers to learn more on how to use these features. 

Emailing Your Classroom

  1. If the Room Parents and/or Teachers are granted access by the Sr Administrator, they will see an Email option in the menu bar. 
  2. Review the Sending Emails help article for Room Parents and Teachers for a breakdown on how they email classrooms.

Texting Your Classroom

  1. Room Parents and Teachers can text their classroom to quickly get a message out to their parents.  
  2. Review the Texting My Classroom help article for a breakdown on how to get started. 

Uploading to Digital Backpack

Teachers & Staff and Room Parents can post to Digital Backpack important information they wish to communicate to their classroom. Check out the help article that breaks down how your teachers can utilize this powerful tool 

  1. Teachers & Staff Posting to Digital Backpack help article. 
  2. Room Parents Posting to Digital Backpack help article.


Check out some flyers we have created for your parents and teachers. Feel free to share or post to Digital Backpack so all of your users get the most out of the app. 

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