Texting My Classroom

If your school's directory administrator as granted you access to email your classroom, you will also have the ability to send text messages. Let's walk through these simple steps to send a text message now. 

  1. Once you are logged into the app, expand the Menu bar and click on Email.
  2. Click on Compose New Message.
  3. Update the fields to start your text message.
    • Your Role As - Select your name from the drop down.
    • Display Name - This will populate when you select your name.
    • Select Message Type - Check SMS for texting. 
  4. Click the Next button.
  5. The Compose tab allows you to enter in your text (you are limited to 136 characters).
  6. Update your text on the left side and the blue bubble will give you an example of how your message with display. 

  7. Click Next when you are done with your message.
  8. The next tab is the Recipients. Select who will be receiving this message then click Next
  9. Move on to the final step, Review
  10. Click Send Now or Save Draft

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