Managing My Classroom as a Room Parent

  1. Login with your parent account. 
  2. Now that you are a room parent, you will see a few more items on the menu bar. Go to My Classroom > People to start building your class roster. 

  3. If you do not have any students assigned to your classroom, get started by selecting Search Additional Students
  4. Select the Grade drop down to narrow down your search students by selecting a grade.
  5. Then select Click to Search

  6. You can also search by Student Name or Teacher by selecting Search In and selecting that filter option. 

  7. Once the list is populated, check the circle next to the student you wish to assign and select Assign Selected to Teacher
    NOTE: You can select multiple students to update in bulk. 
  8. Select from the drop down and assign this student to your teacher. 
As a Room Parent, you can only manage your classroom. So the teacher/classroom you are assigned to will only be available for you to update. 

Editing Student and Household Data

If you notice that a student listing is incorrect, you can easily fix it by following the steps below.

  1. Click the Edit (pencil) button next to the Student you wish to update. 
  2. The pop-up page allows you to update this students name and other details including the household information. 

  3. To unassign a teacher to a student, select Please Select from the teacher drop down. 

  4. Click Save when your changes have been completed.

Adding Students 

  1. We recommend doing a quick search to see if that student is the database first. 
  2. Select Search In and select Student Full Name to add this search filter. 
  3. If a match is not found, click on the blue Create New Student button to add this student. 
  4. This pop-up will allow you to add this student to the database including the household information.
  5. Click Save when you are done. 


When you are searching, make sure to search multiple variations of the name. For example: If searching for Bob Johnson, we recommend to first search "Johnson" and then if you don't find a match, try "Bob" or "Rob." Less is more when searching. 


You cannot add a teacher to the database. Contact the directory chair to add a teacher to your school directory.

Assign Role to Parents

Teachers and existing room parents have the ability to add one or more room parents to their classroom to help build their class roster.

  1. If you know a parent is wants to be a Room Parent, click on Assign Role to Parent to get started!  

  2. Update the fields to assign a parent to a Role
    1. Select Student - Search for a parent in the database by selecting their student.
    2. Select Parent - This list will populate the parents in the household for the student selected.
    3. Select Role - Select the Role you wish to assign to the parent.
    4. Notes - Add any additional notes 
    5. Display as Point of Contact - Select Yes or No depending if this parent should be the point of contact for the role they are assigned to. 

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