How to Update Membership Status

The AtoZ Connect software allows parent groups to identify and track members vs. non-members. Parent Groups often determine directory access based on membership or just simply use the software to manage and accept payments. This article will walk through the steps of updating membership status. 

Adding PayPal to AtoZ

Set up your parent groups PayPal account so users can easily pay online for membership.

NOTE: You do not have to set up online payments to track membership. Skip this step and create the membership product. You can then manually add the membership product to families and track membership status. 

  1. Go to School Settings > Setup > Shopping Cart Settings.
  2. Check the Online Shopping Enabled and the Payment PayPal Active box. 
  3. Update the Payment PayPal Merchant field with the email address registered with your parent groups PayPal account. 
  4. Click Save to successfully add your PayPal account to the software.

Create a Membership Product

A membership product should be created first in order to update a person or family membership status.

  1. Go to Store > Products.
  2. Click on Add New Product. 
  3. Complete the Main Tab with the product details:
    1. Product Name - We recommend including the membership product with the current school year: 2018-2019 PTA Membership.
    2. Price - Update with current membership price.
    3. Free Form Pricing - Update to No (since this is not a donation, users need to pay the full amount).
    4. Product Active - Select Yes so the product is live for parents to purchase. 
    5. Product Type - Select Membership - Family or Membership - Individual from the drop down. This will populate additional tabs that are specific to membership products.
      • Valid From - Select today's date.
      • Valid To - Select a date the membership ends.
      • Grant Directory Access - If this product grands directory access then update this field to YES and select a date. Once this product is purchases, this person or family's access date is extended. 
  4. Navigate to the Description tab and complete the mandatory fields for this product. 
    1. Description Short - Add a brief description (not required)
    2. Description Long - Add a detailed description (not required)
    3. Product Code - Assign the product a code for stock-keeping purposes and internal operations. 
    4. Categorizes - We recommend selecting Membership but you can create new categories by going to Store > Categories. Check out the Categories Overview for a breakdown of this section.
  5. Update the Attributes tab to make the final changes of your membership product. 
    1. Add To Wizard - Select Yes if you want the product available to purchase during the Verification Wizard.
    2. Product Visibility - Control who can see this product. We recommend selecting Visible to Users so they can view and purchase this product.
    3. Assignable - If this product should be assigned to someone specific then select Yes. Typically, membership products are applied to the family so we recommend selecting No.
    4. Max Qty Per Checkout - Control the quantity during checkout. 
    5. Sort Order - Organize the store by using this option. 
  6. NOTE: We recommend creating a separate Teacher Membership with it's own category to easily identify the different memberships. Checkout the Teacher Membership Overview article. 

*Once you have added your PayPal account to the software and created your membership product, we recommend logging in as a parent and test to ensure everything looks correct.*

Manually Update Family with Membership Product

Some payments are submitted as cash or check to your parent group. If a PayPal account is not set up in the system, you will also need to manually apply all products to a family. Let's get started. 

  1. Go to People > Families and search for the family that should have this membership product applied.
  2. Once you have located the family, click the Edit button to the left. 
  3. At the Families page, click on the Purchase(s) tab. 
  4. Now, click on Add New Purchases
  5. Complete the fields in the pop-up page to successfully add the payment.
    1. Household - Select from the drop down what household this payment should apply to (this will show multiple households if this is a divorced family).
    2. Date - Select the date the parent submitted their payment.
    3. Pay Method - Select Cash, Check, Credit Card or Not Tracking payment type.
    4. Payment Amount - Enter the amount paid.
    5. Notes - Add any additional information you want to add to this payment. (Example: enter check number, partial cash, etc)
    6. Purchase Details
      • Purchased Products - Select the product from the drop down list which is populate by the active products created at the Products page.
      • Qty - Select the appropriate number of items purchased. 
      • Price - This field will populate based on the product and quantity selection.
      • Subtotal - Final amount. 
  6. Click Save.
  7. The Purchase(s) tab will now update with the payment submitted and the family will be marked as a member.

Update Membership Status in Bulk 

We went over how to update membership status one at a time, but the system also allows you to update membership status in bulk. Lets get started...

  1. Navigate to the People >Households.
  2. Expand the search panel to find the group of households you need to update in bulk. 
  3. If applicable, use the various search fields to find the desired group of households (example: verified households, opt out, etc).
  4. If you do not need to use the search option to narrow down your search, we recommend double clicking on the Family Last Name column to alphabetize your list, this makes it easier to find all of the households that you need to select. 
  5. Depending on the results of your search, change the Display amount to get more households on each page. This is located on the upper left hand side of the page. 
  6. Click the Select all button at the top of the household list (this will only select the users on the page) or individually select the households on that page that you want to update.
  7. Click on Update Selected
  8. A pop-up will appear for you to update the selected users in bulk.
  9. Expand the Manually Add Purchase tab to add the membership product.
  10. Selected the membership product in the Purchased Products drop down.
  11. Select the NOT TRACKING for the Payment Method field (if everyone paid by check or credit card then you can select that option instead).
  12. Click Update xxx Records to save these changes and exit the pop-up page. 

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