Class Fund

Room Parents can manage your classroom fund with this awesome new feature. 

Review Class Fund

  1. Ask your Room Parent to log in with their parent account.
  2. Expand the menu bar click on Class Fund Report

  3. This page will show all of the funds applied to your classroom. 
    1. Order Date - Date the purchase was applied.
    2. User - Person that made the purchase.
    3. Distribute To - The name of the student in the classroom that should receive the gift card. 
    4. Product Name - The gift card name.
    5. Total - The total cost of the product.
    6. Teacher - The classroom this gift card is linked to.
    7. Created Via - Identifying if this was an online purchase or manually added to the system. 

Manually Add Purchase

  1. Click on Add New to add a class fund purchase when you have received money directly (cash/check, etc)
  2. Complete the mandatory fields in the pop-up to complete a manual purchase. 

  3. Remember to click Save when you are done. 

Export Results

  1. Click on the blue Export Results button to export all of the funds applied to your classroom.  When you export, you will see additional fields in the resulting spreadsheet.
  2. A new tab will open asking for the format you wish to export in. Select the Excel option and the file will download to your computer. 

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